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Those student-athletes who wish to participate in athletics at the collegiate level and obtain Financial Aid, such as Scholarships, must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. To do so, the student must access the clearinghouse web site at The Guidance Department recommends that the student register no earlier than August 2007 if he/she will be graduating in June 2008. The NCAA has increased the number of core courses a student must complete while in high school to be eligible for participation at a Division I or Division II institution. Students entering a Division I or Division II institution in Fall 2006 must complete a minimum of 14 core-course units, which is an increase of one core course. The additional core course may be taken in English, mathematics, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, non-doctrinal religion, or philosophy. In Division I only, students entering a collegiate institution in Fall 2008 must complete a minimum of 16 core-course units. One of the additional units must be in the area of mathematics, bringing the total number of required mathematics units to three. This will require students to complete three years of mathematics at the level of Algebra I or higher. The other course may be in any core area, as described previously.

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